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~ featuring the Yiddish vocal stylings of
Myrna Rabinowitz ~


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Don Rickles - yes, the Don Rickles - upon hearing Tzimmes at the
River Rock Casino (November 6, 2005), had this to say:

"I love your music, it's wonderful. You should come to Vegas
- but they probably wouldn't know what to make of you!"

 Tzimmes is a proud supporter of the work of the Vancouver Inter-Cultural Orchestra (VICO), and the work of all of our colleagues in the world music community. For more info, please visit the VICO website at: VICO


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Upcoming Performances

Tentative booking:

The Tzimmes Quintet
at the
Peretz Centre

Sunday October 18, 2pm
6184 Ash St.
, BC

_the Tzimmes family_

Moshe Denburg - Band Leader, Voice, Guitar
Yona Bar-Sever Guitar, Voice
Amy Stephen Accordion, Voice
Margaret Taylor - Violin
Myrna Rabinowitz - Voice
Saul Berson - Saxophone, Clarinet, Flute
Tim Stacey - Bass
Phil Belanger Drums



Hope to see you again soon!

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