The Reviews

On Air:

  • November 22, 1993, on National Public Radio’s (U.S.A) All Things Considered: a prime time interview with Robert Siegel, highlighting the group’s debut album, Sweet and Hot.
  • September 12, 1995, on the CBC’s The Gabereau Show, a full interview with Vicki Gabereau plus an airing of several selections of their second release, A Lid For Every Pot.
  • October 23, 1998, on the CBC’s Coastal Grooves, a group interview highlighting their 1998 recording, KlezMyriad.

In Print:

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Sweet and Hot (1993)

Folk Roots, August/September 1994 “…a garland of pleasure…” Dirty Linen, August/September 1994 “…a lovely and loving compilation of Jewish Music…” Lyrics to all the songs can be downloaded here: Lyric Sheets for Tzimmes... read more

A Lid For Every Pot (1995)

Canadian Folk Music Bulletin, December 1995 “A Lid For Every Pot is musical heaven.” Bob Stern, Program Director, WLIM, Patchogue, NY, July 1998 “A Lid For Every Pot is, was, and will be included in the rotation mix of our Long Island International... read more

KlezMyriad (1998)

Dirty Linen, Feb/March 1999 ” … tunes that incorporate a Yemeni melody, a Greek waltz, Ladino ballads … flamenco guitar, Arabic drums and straight ahead Yiddish folk ballads. The arrangements are provocative, particularly on a reworked version of “Maoz... read more

Moshe Denburg Sings – Vekarev Pezureinu (1977)

Moshe Denburg Sings – Vekarev Pezureinu  is an early album of 12 original Jewish Songs by Moshe Denburg, founder and band leader of Tzimmes. It was recorded in New York City in the mid 70’s, with the Neginah Orchestra, arranged and conducted by Yisroel... read more