Tradition and innovation in Jewish Music

Founded in 1986, in Victoria, BC, Canada, by Band Leader/Composer Moshe Denburg, Tzimmes has been creating original Jewish Music and providing musical services for 35 years. Since 1991, the band has been based in Vancouver, and continues to work in many venues and a variety of formats. More complete information is provided on the accompanying pages. We hope you enjoy your visit to our site, and certainly welcome your feedback or inquiries at any time.

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The late Don Rickles – yes, the Don Rickles – upon hearing Tzimmes at the River Rock Casino (November 6, 2005), had this to say:
“I love your music, it’s wonderful. You should come to Vegas – but they probably wouldn’t know what to make of you!”


"All of Tzimmes’ music was amazing, but we are especially thankful for how your band led the Hora! It would not have been the same without your hora expertise!"
- Rebecca Shalansky and Evan Gropper, August 2023

Tzimmes' YouTube channel is open for your enjoyment:

Check out a large variety of Tzimmes' songs, with well produced video, lyrics, and more.  And by all means subscribe to our channel.


Tzimmes is a proud supporter of the work of the Vancouver Inter-Cultural Orchestra (VICO), and the work of all of our colleagues in the world music community. For more info, please visit the VICO.

Site Summary

Welcome to the updated (2021-23) Tzimmes website, an interminable work in progress! Here you will find many features that will guide you to our music, and our services. There are free review sheets about our recordings, and free lyric sheets as well. Also, there are Jewish Music study materials here, which you can download, and utilize for educational purposes. If you wish to reprint for a class, or publish elsewhere online, please let us know – no copying for sale is permitted without our express agreement.

You can order our recordings and written music,  from our online distributor, oySongs, or from us. You can listen to some excerpts here, and to excerpts of all tracks on oySongs and choose what you like. You can buy individual tracks or complete albums.

By all means let us know what you think of our work, and our website; and if you have a question about Jewish Music or a song in particular, time-permitting we will be happy to respond. Enjoy your time with us, and as we say when taking our leave of each other at a Jewish celebration – oyf simkhes (Yiddish), or bismakhot (Hebrew) – may we always meet on happy occasions.